Saturday, November 15, 2008


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Here is some information on Lil Wayne's baby momma

Mother of Lil Wayne’s first son, Dwayne Michael Carter III, who was born on Tuesday Oct. 21...She is 21, graduated from Lakota West High School outside of Cincy in 05..Her name is Sara Blue...She is half vietnamese half white,…Very quiet in school though, not very popular with the girls...Worked at a nail salon after high school and takes some classes at Univ of Cincinnati, "probably doesn’t work anymore" she said..Did some modeling after HS is probably how she met Wayne...Said a bunch more, but this is all 1000 percent true...I know you probably get alot of bulls**t but this is all facts....Lakota West is a very upscale school, very upscale suburb in Cincy (town is West Chester)..

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